Ag. DRONES for Permaculture land design.

Agriculture drones can be used by Permaculture design professional; to do aerial views, monitor plants, identify micro climates areas, monitor the health of forests, monitor ground cover, verify water flow, monitor crops and livestock. Drones can be used for precision imaging and precise surveying to aid in building good Permaculture farm design.

Agricultural Drones – Relatively cheap drones with advanced sensors and imaging capabilities are giving agriculturists new ways to increase yields and reduce crop damage, for permaculture it is giving easier access to better designs. The recent break through in easy-to-use ­agricultural drones equipped with ­cameras, for less than $1,000.  The advent of drones as small, cheap, and easy to use is due largely to remarkable advances in technology: tiny MEMS sensors (accelerometers, gyros, magnetometers, and often pressure sensors), small GPS modules, incredibly powerful processors, and a range of digital radios. All those components are now cheap, thanks to their use in smartphones and the extraordinary economies of scale of that industry. At the heart of a drone, the autopilot runs specialized software—often open-source created by communities as DIY Drones.

It’s part of a trend toward increasingly data-driven agriculture. Farms today are bursting with engineering marvels, the result of years of automation and other innovations designed to grow more food with less labor.Permaculture designers and planers must also use the latest tools to produce the best designs technology can provide.

Always walk the area, but then mapping drones are used to scout fields, lay precise measurements,  get a RBG and infrared profile of plants and soils, Day temperature profiles, water moisture, photo and video, track livestock, survey-grade 2D and 3D and topographic detail, also

  • plant height
  • plant count
  • plant health
  • presence of nutrients
  • presence of disease
  • presence of weeds
  • relative biomass estimates
  • 3D / volumetric data (piles, patches, holes and hills)

and much more.

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