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Please provide one reference, such as previous employers, teachers, advisers, etc. who can vouch for the quality of your work skills, reliability and honesty. *

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Background Information

What got you interested in learning how to grow food / start farming? (1-2 paragraphs) *

Do you have any experience in gardening / farming already? If so, what experience do you have? (1 to 2 paragraphs) *

List any other skills you have which might be applicable to this internship including produce sales, retail sales, cooking, writing, animal care, gardening or horticulture. *

Do you have an interest in farming professionally or becoming a farm/eco-Agroculture/permaculture or school teacher or educator in the future? *

PIT  Internship

What is attractive to you about Permaculture Institute Thailand in general and our internship program in particular? (2 paragraphs) *

What are your long term goals in relation to farming? (2 paragraphs) *

How would you use the information you learn in our internship program? (2 paragraphs) *


Farming can be difficult, physically demanding work that will require heavy lifting and repetitive motions, often in very hot conditions. Explain how you you feel ready for these challenges. *

We require all our farm interns to commit to a specific amount of time, 1, 2 or 3 months. Can you make this commitment? *

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Farm Interns are required to attend 6 work days each week. Monday to Saturday with Sundays free. Can you make this commitment? *

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  • January, 2018
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  • March, 2018

We practice due diligence and safety in all our activities, courses and operations. However we require you to be diligent as well. We ask all interns to carry travel accident insurance, we will ask for verification. You will agree to hold Permaculture Institute Thailand (PIT), the farm, farm managers harmless in the case of any injury or accident on the farm. Do you agree to sign this waiver? *

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